The Key

Countless tears later I raise my head, open my eyes to see the world surrounding me, moving past me time slipping by, without me I wake to find I am still pacing in a circle after years going nowhere   -but here   Here is a place I’ve been before nothing much has changed though... Continue Reading →


To Whom it May Concern

To Whom it May Concern… I lied to you, misguided you, judged you, punished you, hurt you, harmed you, damaged you, scarred you, bruised you, poisoned you, pushed, shoved and tricked you, kicked you, insulted you, abused you, silenced you, hid you, forgot you, lost you, denied you, ignored you, doubted you, hated you, avoided... Continue Reading →


The sky was grey the mist over the clifftops was grey the sea, grey the horizon line had turned so pale a grey it couldn’t be seen with the naked eye the mood was grey grey seabirds were flying up above singing, grey seabird songs the sea air blowing across the beach even had an... Continue Reading →


I was half awake, half asleep, half-dreaming when the words came to me ‘all’s well today’.   Mid-afternoon laid out on a battered sofa the pungent stench of dead roses on a nearby shelf.   I sat up and stared death in the face thinking it strange of people to cut fresh roses and lay... Continue Reading →


I am the gentle melt of snow solidified by the chill of the air you can chase my movements from the warmth of your breath to the sharp tip of an icicle born of a billion teardrops dripping-   In the slowing of sorrow to a rigid state I find my core too brittle to... Continue Reading →

Rainy Night in London

Near spent by hard living a stray cat who has outlived his nine lives dressed in your finest rags, standing centre stage take the scrawl of life and rewrite every page your guitar sings like an angel each word shines like a flashing neon sign in the chill of a rainy night in London calloused... Continue Reading →

Where do you find them?

Stripped of his protective husk of agreeable friends and doting acquaintances a man must retain composure poise and decorum to the bitter end as a rule of thumb, society demands it of him even the ill-equipped and socially inept know this- she dropped him off in the middle of nowhere and threw him like roadkill... Continue Reading →

Crazy Lady

Everybody says that the lady is crazy everybody laughs when she does crazy things everybody says that her words are absurd nobody listens when the crazy lady sings everybody points and stares as she walks by everyone has an opinion, to whisper or sigh everybody knows her face, no-one knows her name the crazy lady... Continue Reading →

All Weathers

I’m an oasis of calm the eye of the storm the safe zone in the belly of the beast I bring that ray of sunshine to your beautiful day-   I am the hurricane circling too.    

Old Bones

Old bones slump in a public house guarding a pint of ale in their usual corner of bitterness slurring nostalgia, drunk with hindsight staggering between the bar and a desperate loneliness that spills hard-earned wisdom in the laps of strangers to amend a long list of personal regrets ‘of course, I would do it all... Continue Reading →


With the onset of Autumn leaves gather in gutters in shades of rust, crimson and gold blown by the self-same bitter wind that drives the first snow down onto the mountain peaks of the highlands while many a flock of pink-footed geese sweep the clouds across the sky the force of a plethora of urgent... Continue Reading →

To Love What I Could Not

I feel the tug of infatuation like a bitch in heat intoxicated to a state of paralysis moonstruck hopes and stillborn prayers rest in a place of desperate neglect heart bruised, cheapened by lust becomes both predator and prey yet narcoleptic tendencies bow my head I shrink from life I make my bed as welcoming... Continue Reading →


On dark nights that follow each false dawn the inertia of melancholy addles and stupefies I lie sedated, senses deadened the icy teeth of winter biting my flesh.   A spider, lifeless in an old tattered web hangs helplessly in the glow of a tarnished blue-silver moon.   I wish that I could buff and... Continue Reading →


Numerous times the rod was swung bait cast out into the water maggots tossed into their midst Still, the fish continued to outsmart his hook nonchalantly growing fat on the feast if their bulging eyes could wink at him, they did silent and smug, as they swam away.   Until- a pathetic silver thing with... Continue Reading →


Dawn will not find me yielding in submission to the day I am hemmed in cocooned in a chrysalis of cotton sheets.   What makes the butterfly beautiful is the way she dreams.


Words can help, hinder, harm or heal we are socially isolated switched on, to an idle daily commentary with ourselves. Within four walls, behind closed doors loneliness is crowded -the crowd desperately lonely. All that spills through flickering screens into our eyes is us, screaming silently for each other.   Our fingertips tap-dance across the... Continue Reading →


I see a fine vintage dress with seams torn, lace trimmings frayed ribbons and bows unravelling in a tattered old wardrobe in an abandoned house slowly but surely reclaimed by nature I catch my reflection in broken windows notes of femininity in the paint peeling away from every wall.


I walk through a crowd of glass people I sense fragility, falsehoods and fears I read the transparent words that fall from their tongues and for better or worse true sentiments reveal themselves feathers of honesty or daggers of deceit.   With each lie I watch insecurity attempt to hold itself together to seem unbreakable... Continue Reading →

The Loneliness of Survival

The sound of survival a deafening scream no-one can hear for the noise.   born of chaos I crawl from the battlefield with a heavy heart that can weep no more.   away in the distance beyond my reach old comrades turn away into the setting sun.   in my eyes their lights go out,... Continue Reading →

The Sanctuary of Cowardice

The concluding chapter of a daring heart falls open on a page bookmarked with a withered wildflower come the first drop of rain I bow my head the same I built a wall to shield me from sorrow now, I find a place to hide inside of my own with outstretched arms like open roads... Continue Reading →

The Beginning

The threshold crossed in times of loss and desperation doubt or fear is only the beginning a rare glimpsed energy can melt the hardest heart with tenderness when least expected where pieces of our lives fit into place little things hold utmost significance intense emotion and humility flow in our veins we gulp back our... Continue Reading →

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