Hard Earned

A lifelong journey on an arduous trail,

Where dignity and integrity waver,

The difference between ‘reasons’ and ‘reasoned’ judgement,

That often we fail to address,

Reasons; selfishly clarify and justify us,

Reasoned judgement grounds us, surrounds us,

Conscience, will never allow a soul to walk clean of truth,

Where there’s a lie, a falsehood, an excuse or a mind,

Responsibility, and accountability in a corrupt world.



We travel a lonely road, to find ourselves,

Questioning motives,

Choices, words, thoughts, vices,

To finally understand,

In the wake of our fading youth,

How far the ripples drift from our being,

The gravity and weight of our actions,

We set down the baggage, open it up, take it apart,

Take note of the contents.

This is not wisdom,

This is knowledge; hard earned.


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