First World Problems

Let go,
This is your moment.

In your mind now; it is time to…

Take off the clothes on your back,
Step outside of the TV set, the mirror,
The games console, the game,
The social media network,
First world problems,
Vanity, greed, want, fame, rewards, trophies,
The telephone,
The fax machine,
Look away from the camera’s eye,
Move outside of your house and home,
Disconnect from the wires,
The keyboards, the screens,
Switch off all the lights,
That have you captive,
The cyborg mentality.

Put down the magazines,
Tear down the commercial billboards,
Stand aside of the crowd,
The conversation,
The argument,
The debate,
The political agenda,
The motives, the motivational memes,
The advertisement,
The sideshow,
The circus,
The media frenzy,
The trending articles,
Papers, books, spreadsheets,
Your diary.

Just for a moment in your mind…

Cancel all appointments, plans,
Step away from your TV dinner,
The fast food outlets,
And slimming clubs,
Step outside of the electoral cacophony,
Turn off the radio,
Tear out your headphones,
Unplug your mic,
Turn off your record player,
Cast away your wallet, and your purse,
Buy out of buying in and being sold out,
Sold down the river,
Swallowing down lies for breakfast, dinner and supper.

Park your car,
Close the garage and forget about it,
Your motorcycle,
Your van,
Your bicycle,
Your kite, your skateboard, your space hopper, your roller skates,
Out of sight and walk away,
Step out of your high heels,
Your work ties, your business suits,
Your jewellery and take off your wrist watches,
Take off your titles, your class status, your job rank,
The promotion that never comes,
Strip off your skin products,
Wipe off your fake tan,
Peel away your layers of self-loathing and doubt,
Put down your paintbrushes, tear up the canvas,
Paint nothing.

Keep shedding layers,
Till finally you totally stand alone-

With no-one and nothing to command you,
Nothing to dictate to you,
No-one to judge you,
Nothing to do,
Nothing to condemn you,
No concept of time or space,
No he said, she said,
No thanks no praise,
No apologies, no guilt,
No shame, and no blame,
No greed, no power,
No competition,
No rush, no embarrassment,
No judgement,
No fear, no hate, no opinion,

Nothing but you.

Just for one moment,
Discard everything you know,
And step outside,
All that information overload,
Has you chained down to,
Keeping up with Mr and Mrs Jones,
Has tied you down,
To sticking to deadlines,
That have stolen all your time,
Just stand in this moment,
For a moment.

In your mind,
In your heart,
In your spirit,
In your soul,
And confess,
Your greatest possession,
Is you,
I believe it is time,
To stand alone,
In this moment,
Feel the weight lifted from us,
Each and every one of us,
So we can stand together,
In harmony, in unity, in serenity,
As one.

(It’s a nice dream huh?)


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