An Artist’s Pocket is an Empty Pocket…

It has been months since I last picked up a paintbrush, and all my favourite brushes were so well used they could only be used in texture application at best. All my paint has run out and I’ve had to stock up on brushes, acrylic paint, flow enhancer, acrylic extender, among other miscellaneous tools, sketch pads, canvases, you name it…if there’s anything I could possibly need for acrylic painting I’ve probably just stocked up on it. The cost of art materials never ceases to amaze me. My bill for this recent fresh stock up has exceeded £200 and although I expect it to cater for many paintings to come, I am now totally skint for a few months I reckon.

However, this pocket shaped void of mine is bursting with excitement and eager to get started on some new masterpieces. I haven’t yet put brush to canvas, however, this time, I want to apply myself very much more carefully to my artwork than I have done for several years. I want to explore detail work, subjective landscapes, and perspective and scale and get the colours as accurate as I can possibly get them. My most recent paintings had been abstract and expressive, but my greatest love has always been with nature, and attention to texture, detail, light, shade, tonal values, colour and shape, atmosphere etc.

I want to create something I can truly feel proud of and plan to take my time about it, to really focus. I have loosened up my painting style considerably over the years and I now want to tighten it back up again. I want to improve my skills and know-how too, so I am setting myself some challenges with the landscapes shown below, to begin with.  The second one being the most challenging. I don’t know how they’ll turn out but I will post results when the time comes; they could be disastrous for all my good intentions, or they could be good, or they could be amazing…time will tell but I know it’ll be a while before I complete them.



North Esk0
Montrose Bay, Angus, Scotland
Scurdie Ness, Lighthouse, Ferryden, Scotland



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