Experimental Art

who ate all the shrooms
Who Ate All The Mushrooms?

The weather has been unkind since I gathered together my painting kit in readiness for plotting out my landscapes. The natural light has been terrible and I could not for a moment worth on anything which required accurate colour representation. In my eagerness to paint something, anything, I picked up my acrylic art pad and set to work on a couple of experimental pieces. Obviously, these are totally unrelated to my actual project plans. I had great childlike fun creating the painting (shown above ) entitled ‘Who ate all the mushrooms’ (magic mushrooms). I posted the painting from my A3 Sketchbook to Facebook when it was done and by the following afternoon it had sold to a musician friend of mine for £200.00  so I’ll be posting that one out later today. This came as a very nice surprise and will certainly help me out financially after purchasing so many art materials.

I was very pleasantly surprised how many people took to it.

The psychedelic floral theme has progressed and I now have a second painting underway while the light is poor, ‘A Reverie’ is a progression on the same theme but is taking considerably longer. I think I’m much happier with the way this one is going, I have a feeling it will keep me busy for several more days to come.

A Reverie

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