Planning Out Abstract Ideas

‘Yellow walls’ an abstract in the planning stages is inspired by the Jackson C. Frank Song of the same title a song which has always fascinated me lyrically.

“Yellow Walls was the only one I remember him talking about, it being a hallucinatory experience of his being in hospital, probably in tremendous pain. It’s an amazing song”.-Mojo Magazine January 2014

However, it is also a venture into careful colour blending, geometric shapes with clean lines and smooth brush strokes against hard edges. These will be square canvases of 100 x 100 cm and it’s a challenge I have set myself which I’m both nervous about and excited about. It’s a challenge of patience and application, of accuracy and of concept versus abstraction.

‘Relative Calm’ is another in the planning stages partly inspired by the song Pink Moon by Nick Drake another troubled soul of his time but by no means is it meant to depict the song so very directly. The piece is ironic in that everything sits straight and rigid in cool and muted colours and it all connects but for the mauve/pinkish square which is teetering on the brink of being disconnected with the other leading lines in the piece. There is almost always that slight sense of insecurity even in our calmest moments this is what ‘that square’ represents.

We shall see how these come together with paint in the near future.

yellow walls
Relative Calm

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