Scatterbrain-Acrylic on Canvas


Stations of the fragmented mind 1

The concept is a fragmented reality brought about by a mental shift. The blue is being in deep, the red is about the struggles of modern life where people can be in debt literally as in, in the red or depicting very human dangers and struggles that can cause the mental fragmentation. The squares are fragments of the consciousness trying to compute change. The painting should go any way up depending on the viewer’s personal feeling toward it. Either way, the hypothetical line of sense is crossed when the mind cannot function right. So some squares sit on the dividing line, Free flow between both states as if the line didn’t exist. I used the coloured squares because it reminded me of the old defragmentation system on computers…and made it as fragmented as possible colour wise…so the proverbial files are disordered. I call this piece ‘Scatterbrain’.


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