Dancing Through the Fields of Nevermore

Yesterday’s over,

A new day, about to begin,

I walk down a dusty endless road,

That shimmers in the half-light like gold.

Déjà vu,

I feel I’ve passed this way before,

There’s nobody around, for miles and miles,

There’s nobody here but me.

And my eyes search to the skies,

I see ships set sail upon the clouds,

As I go dancing through the fields of nevermore,

Feeling like a child reborn.

There’s passion in my soul,

Burns with the light of a thousand suns,

There’s a music to the atmosphere,

A bluebird in my hand.

Maybe I’ll set her free, and we’ll fly,

Fly above the fields of nevermore,

We can watch the world spinning,

The hands of time turning.

How weightlessly we rise above,

It all.

How effortlessly we glide.

I’m feeling,

Like a child reborn,

Feeling like a child,

Once more.


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