Trust These Words

Trust in these words,

There’s no way out of here,

You are in as deep as your life,

You’re in as deep as life.


And don’t break,

You’ll be an island,

In these shark-infested waters,

An uncharted island, in this sea.


I know you sacrifice your days to wishful thinking,

Waiting for a better day to come,

Don’t waste your better days on wishful thinking,

Don’t waste those days, tomorrow never comes.


Passivity has no sense of what life’s worth,

Isolates itself behind locked doors and shutters,

Where freedom is a falsehood,

A blind step into nothingness.


And we preserve what we know,

And all we know is full of holes,

And what we don’t know can’t harm us,

While we pretend, we don’t know.


We see life under artificial light,

Life in artificial light,

We dream like artificial light can save us,

From everything, we know of ourselves.



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