You confide in the moonlight,

Night after night,

Endless disenchanted lullabies,

Like you’re waving goodbye,

And with each wave of disappointment,

Feel the song is growing old,

So don’t overcomplicate it,

Or overcompensate it.


You live in a world of false limitations,

Fantasies and infatuations,

That leave you weak at the knees,

And far too eager to please,

Sooner or later you’ve got to breathe for yourself,

Face up to reality,

You are barely living,

But you’re very much alive.


Don’t underestimate this-


It’s in the way you steal their hearts,

When the mist leaves your mind,

When you drop the disguise,

Because there’s more to dreams than lullabies,

More to love than heartfelt sighs,

More to wisdom than being wise,

More to see with open eyes.



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